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Brochures and Information to Download

For your convenience we have provided several documents that you can download from this page. Just click onto the document you want.

In our brochures, we describe generic automation systems in order to give you an impression about the versatility of RAMSES. The described automation systems were all realised but not always for one single customer.

All documents are in PDF format that can be read with the Acrobat Reader from ADOBE.

RAMSES Overview

2.5 MB

RAMSES as base for any level 2 automation

RAMSES for Meltshop

6.0 MB

Meltshop Level 2 Automation System

RAMSES in the Laboratory

0.0 MB

Laboratory Automation System - to come soon

RAMSES in the Scrap Yard

0.0 MB

Level 2 Automation System for Scrap Yard - to come soon

RAMSES for Color Coating Lines

6.2 MB

Level 2 Automation System for a Color Coating Line

We will be very happy to send you detailed information about our automation projects.

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