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Last update: 26.05.2022
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RAMSES Installation

RAMSES is a distributed scalable system and its performance can therefore be adapted very flexibly.

RAMSES Installation

For small installations we can use cost-effective LINUX or Windows systems, while critical processes can be run on highly available SAN-clusters.

In most installations we use two fast servers, but each component of RAMSES can be installed on a dedicated server. It is equally possible, however, to install all components on one single server.

The RAMSES user interface runs on PCs, Industrial PCs, Notebooks and Tablet PCs. All UNIX- or Windows operating systems are supported. It is perfectly possible to run RAMSES in a heterogeneous environment, using the existing infrastructure. Usually there are about 30 RAMSES-Clients.

RAMSES is at present productively used under OpenVMS, LINUX and Windows 2003 Server. These operating systems are either installed directly on the server hardware or base on a VMWare installation.

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