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RAMSES is a re-usable automation core that serves as base for Level 2 Automation Systems in steel industry. RAMSES permits to develop process automation systems quickly and without errors that can be used in the meltshop, laboratory, caster, scrap yard. RAMSES also serves as base for color coating lines.

RAMSES based automation systems are always customer-tailored solutions. At the same time they are



   work with any data base system,

can be fitted into any existing environment.

RAMSES The Concept

Relevant information about the production is stored in the RAMSES data base, forwarded to higher-level automation systems like an ERP, for example, and presented in automatically and manually generated production reports.

Interfaces to other communication partners (for example the PLCs of the level 1, the scrap yard, laboratory, caster, SAP or others) are configured through XML files. Any modification of the interface parameters is therefore an easy matter.

RAMSES can communicate with other systems via TCP or UDP. The data exchange with other systems can be done via JDBC, CORBA, and files in XML, CVS or proprietary formats.

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RAMSES Advantages

RAMSES The Concept

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