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Last update: 26.05.2022
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RAMSES - Software for Level 2 Automation

Process Automation with RAMSES

Maximum protection of your investment

Works on any hardware, with any operating system and database system.

Standard interfaces for communication with other systems.

Upgrades of operating system and database require virtually no work at all.

Migration to new hardware is possible any time.

Highly available to guarantee operational reliability

Availability higher than 99,9%

Remote maintenance and 24h hotline

User interface in local language

User interface can be delivered in any language, including Mandarin and Arabic

Minimal costs for operator training

Individual solutions with all advantages of a standard product

Creation of requirement book using concrete examples

Commissioning (on-site and remote) of shortest duration, minimal interruption of production

Supporting future integration of process and optimising models

Minimum overhead for the IT department during production