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Last update: 26.05.2022
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RAMSES  for Color Coating Lines

RAMSES for Color Coating Lines allows following and supervising the production in a Color Coating Line, from order handling to packaged and released coils. All relevant data gathered in production is stored in the RAMSES data base, forwarded to high-level automation systems, and used for the automatic and manual generation of various types of heat reports.

A RAMSES Level 2 for Color Coating Lines has modules for the order handling, factory overview, coil tracking from the coil yard through the treatment units to the released coils.

There are already many report types integrated into the standard version of RAMSES:
   single coil reports,
   summary reports for order processing,
   delay reports (shift, daily, weekly, monthly summaries),
   reports about production times.

Further report types can be integrated depending on the customer's requirements. The customer can define the layout of all screens and reports and the information to be displayed.

There are several overview and detail screens for the production planning, creation of jobs, the production screens with the various treatment units, that allow loading and unloading coils onto the payoffs, editing automatically inserted delays, and inspection screen to mark defective areas in the strip.

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