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RAMSES  in the Laboratory

The RAMSES Laboratory Automation System supervises the creation of analysis. It receives data from the different laboratory devices, merges them into final analysis and forwards these - after the approval of the lab technician - to higher-level automation systems. All relevant data gathered in production is stored in the RAMSES database, and used for the automatic and manual generation of various types of reports and statistics.


RAMSES receives and sends analysis data, stores all relevant information in the database. The system allows modifying analysis values, even to create analysis completely, automatic and manual re-sending and the generation of analysis statistics.

There are already many report types integrated into the standard version of RAMSES:
   graphical reports for samples and reference samples
   statistics about reference samples (variance analysis)
   statistics of all samples (with freely defined report periods)
   delay reports (shift, daily, weekly, monthly summaries)

Further report types can be integrated depending on the customer's requirements. The customer can define the layout of all screens and reports and the information to be displayed.

There are several production screens and detailed views for steel analysis, slag analysis, reference samples, ...Further down, we show two examples for screens.

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